Purpose Built Dog Grooming Salon

In June 2017 we revamped, refurbished and upgraded our dog grooming salon. It remains totally secure both inside & out and is suitable for all dogs & puppies irrespective of size or breed (or x-breed).

Our salon includes a brand new bathroom with a walk in shower,  to avoid strain on the bigger dogs joints having to step up and down into a bath. Our grooming equipment is of the highest professional standard, from our vet bath and drying table to the dog clippers and scissors we use.

Why not have a read about the revamp in our blog post here – every single detail has been designed and made to make your dogs feel comfortable, happy and most importantly safe. 

Your pet is safe in our “home from home” before, during & after grooming.

With extra space and even more comfort for your beloved pets, our  revamped, open-plan salon is situated at my home in Halton Village, Runcorn, Cheshire – and there is plenty of room for owners to park on the road or driveway.

Lois outside new dog grooming salonInterior of new grooming parlourInside the new dog grooming salonLois grooming Smithy

Of course a hygienic and safe physical environment is essential for grooming your dog but we also pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and calm atmosphere that helps put your dog at ease when they arrive and during & after their groom. We love dogs and give each one our full attention – we only ever groom one dog at a time so as to ensure our full attention.

If an owner should be late in collecting their pet, that isn’t a problem as the dog will continue to be well looked after in a stress free environment – we really believe they leave Vanity Furr not just looking and smelling better, but feeling better too!

We are more than happy to welcome visitors to inspect the dog grooming parlour before choosing our dog grooming services; see for yourself where your pet will enjoy his/her dog baths, check out how safe, secure and hygienic we are – both and inside and out.

If you have any questions about our dog grooming facilities or the equipment, dog shampoo etc. that we use, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us & we’ll be happy to answer them.

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