Grooming for Winter

Now that winter is well truly upon us it might be worth thinking about your dog’s next hair cut, and whether a longer or shorter trim will be more suitable.

For example, after his or her winter walk is your dog bringing in mud, leaves and water on his feet, legs, ears and anywhere that the hair is a bit longer? Causing lots of mud droplets and soggy doggy mud prints all over the floor (and in some cases walls!). If so it might be more suitable for your dog to sport a shorter trim so that the hair can dry quicker and not soak up as much dirty water. Although the hair maybe a bit shorter your dog can keep the same style so that they will still look like the breed.

Merlin after winter groomHowever if your dog doesn’t like the winter very much and tends to shiver at the thought of even going outside, then maybe leaving on a bit more coat might be what they need to keep snug and a bit warmer. However having your dog with a longer coat does mean that the groom might not last as long (the hair will look longer than normal after 6 weeks or however long they normally last) and might be more prone to knot and tangle which means a lot more brushing to keep on top of, for you, the owner. The longer trim might suit the older or fine coated dog as a bit of protection against the cold.

Tilly the Labradoodle (after) also known as the fluff ballAs always the most important thing is that your dog is kept comfortable and happy during this time of the year and his hair should not interrupt or stop him from enjoying his day. The great thing about dog hair is that it grows back and you can swap and change the style to however suits you and your dogs lifestyle.

At Vanity Furr we’re always happy to have a chat and listen to what you would like, because “your dog is our priority”.

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Lois Dalton

Lois Dalton

Owner of Vanity Furr, Lois has a diploma in Animal Care & is City & Guilds qualified with distinctions. Following a variety of dog grooming awards, Lois won a scholarship with Aesculap, having been nominated by Groom Team England [Read More...]