Grooming at home

In this winter weather it’s easy for your dog to get wet and mucky after walks, even after going into the garden brings in little soggy paws. So sometimes you might need to give him a quick wash or dry off, if so here’s a handy tip to keep his coat in good condition when you do.

When bathing try to avoid using “human” shampoo as this can contain elements that are safe for humans but can have a reaction on your dog. Your best bet is to get a shampoo that is specifically made for dogs or pets and that way it will be designed for his delicate skin. You can pick it up in most supermarkets or your local pet store.

Oscar The Irish Setter after grooming

Oscar The Irish Setter

If you need to towel dry him off afterwards, be careful not to rub the coat (long coated dogs especially) as this can easily tangle and matt up the coat. Try squeezing the hair to get rid of the excess water and pat dry instead, this way the hair is not forced to tangle up.

Whilst the hair is still wet run a brush or comb through it to get the air flow through it and speed up the drying time. And then repeat once the coat is dry to prevent knots forming.

If however your dog has gone from being a little dirty to being a complete swamp monster then you can always give me a ring and I’ll try and get him booked in and cleaned up as soon as I can. “Bathing and drying only” is also cheaper than having the “full groom” (depending on breed).

As always feel free to give me a ring to ask any questions or info about booking an appointment.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Lois xx

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Lois Dalton

Lois Dalton

Owner of Vanity Furr, Lois has a diploma in Animal Care & is City & Guilds qualified with distinctions. Following a variety of dog grooming awards, Lois won a scholarship with Aesculap, having been nominated by Groom Team England [Read More...]