Grooming Services at Affordable Prices

Whether it’s your puppy’s first groom or your dog’s regular “clip & trim”, our bespoke service is based on breed characteristics, your preferences and your pet’s own nature and health.

Our prices are both competitive and affordable, offering real value for money for breed & show standard styling – just one reason our clients return time and again!

Please click on the links below for more information on the specific grooming services which we provide for every breed of puppy or dog, irrespective of size:Darcy the big cuddly labradoodle after grooming

All our canine grooming equipment and tools are professional-salon standard and of course Lois herself is a multi-award winning professional dog groomer as well as life-long doggy lover (you can find out more on our “About Lois“ post).

We will of course have a 1-2-1 free consultation with you before your puppy’s or dog’s first groom and start a “health card” where we’ll note all the important info we need (more info on our “How We Operate” page).

Oscar the Irish Setter - before the groom
Oscar the Irish Setter from Helsby, Before (left) and After (right) treatment!
Oscar the Irish Setter - after grooming!

A Multi-Point Health Check, Every Time

Your dog’s welfare is our number one priority, so no matter how well we already know him or her, we will always carry out a health check at each grooming session, looking for any common “doggy” issues such as signs of allergies or eczema or any specific issues common to your dog’s breed.

We’ll keep your dog’s “health card” up to date and advise you quickly of anything that needs your (or your vet’s) attention.

Ear, Eye & Nose cleaning and Nail Clipping are all part of our service and – if flea or tick treatment bathing is advised – we’ll chat to you about it first.

In general terms, the health check looks at:

  • Eyes – which should be clear, bright and attentive without signs of being sore or cloudy
  • Ears – Your pet relies on his or her ears far more than humans; they should be clear of wax, hair and not blocked in any way, as well as smell free.
  • Nose – a cold and wet nose that isn’t blocked or crusty is a sign of good health in your dog
  • Skin & Coat – we’ll check for lumps & bumps and whether your pet is sensitive to touch anywhere on their skin. We’re also looking for fleas, mites, infections etc. Your dog’s coat is a good general indication of its state of heath
  • Nails, Dew Claws & Pads – we will check for any damage and ensure nails are at a manageable length – clipping them is all part of the service
  • Anal Glands – these should be clean and clear. If they are full and proving uncomfortable, we can express them

Bathing, Brushing, Drying

All grooming sessions start with the health check as mentioned above, and then:

  • A brush through before bathing, checking for matting  & removing the majority of any loose hair
  • Dog bathing in our professional vet bath, using an appropriate shampoo that is natural and kind to your dog’s skin and a conditioner as necessary or requested
  • Drying – with our hand held “combi dryer”, on our drying bed, whilst gently using brushes appropriate to your dog’s size & coat; this also helps remove any remaining loose hair

If Scissoring or Clipping is not intended during this visit then we’ll finish the session with a spray of a lovely doggie fragrance, leaving your pet smelling fabulous.

For a full groom, Scissoring or Clipping will now take place to help shape your dog’s coat.

Following Lois’s City & Guilds / NPTC Diploma she is of course able to groom any breed or cross breed to pet, breed or show standard.

These certificates were awarded following the final practical part of her qualification, when she groomed a Westie, a Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Schnauzer – all earned with either “Merit” or “Distinction”.


Scissoring is a technique that needs an expert hand in order to sculpture the coat for all over shape that looks great in all weather. It’s quite a time consuming procedure usually used on dogs with curly coats that don’t moult, such as Poodles and Bichon Frise. Generally, we’ll be able to style “to breed standard” and “to show standard” or simply to the style you prefer for your pet. Scissoring should be carried out every 4 – 5 weeks.

After a bath, brush, dry and scissoring, we’ll finish with a spray of a lovely doggie fragrance, leaving your pet smelling fabulous.


Styling your dog’s coat by clipping is popular for all breeds and of course we can give you advice on it or we can clip according to your own wishes.

To ensure no clipper marks, we’ll trim the coat with scissors for an effective overall finish. Generally, we’ll be able to style “to breed standard” and “to show standard” or simply to the style you prefer for your pet. We’d recommend a “clip and trim” every 6 – 8 weeks with the owner brushing regularly in between visits.

After a bath, brush, dry and clip and trim, we’ll finish with a spray of a lovely doggie fragrance, leaving your pet smelling fabulous.

Ear, Eye, Nose cleaning

These are all a standard part of our overall service at each grooming session.


Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is an important part of our overall grooming service and should be done regularly either by your groomer, vet or – if done correctly – by the owner.

Overgrown nails can become painful for dogs and lead to health issues.


Some dogs such as Border Collies and Golden Retrievers can shed more hair than others, one reason being a double undercoat. For these dogs de-shedding can be a preferred grooming technique with various benefits that leave your pet looking and feeling better. Why not get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about de-shedding?


Hand stripping is a technique used mostly on wire-haired or “rough-coated” breeds such as Gun Dogs, Terriers (such as Cairn, Norfolk, Scottish) and Standard or Giant Schnauzers – and it can look super on some cross breeds too. It involves pulling the dead hair out by hand (not clipping or scissoring) and as such can be time consuming.

There are definite advantages to hand stripping for your dog such as maintaining the colour of its coat. In addition, it isn’t needed as often as clipping your dog, so – whilst it can cost more “per session” – over time it can be more cost effective for the owner.

Nervous Dogs

We’re pretty good at recognising if a dog is a little anxious when they visit us and would never do anything to upset or rush a nervous dog. We like to slowly build up a 1-2-1 relationship with your pet and to do this it’s actually better for all concerned if owners don’t stay around whilst we groom.

Every part of the grooming process is taken slowly and we take breaks whenever necessary so that your dog can relax or play in our secure salon.

We’ll be making their experience with us as fun, comfortable and stress-free as possible and of course each time they come back, they will have the same friendly dog groomer, not somebody who they don’t already know.

Coco - before the groom
This was Coco from Runcorn’s first groom at Vanity Furr!
Coco - after grooming!


All puppies need to get used to the big world out there as soon as possible, to help them deal with noise, people and all the new sensations they haven’t yet experienced – and to help them blossom into “good dog citizens”. So grooming your puppy as soon as possible after his or her vaccinations is an ideal way to help with this “puppy socialisation” and getting them used to the sights, sounds and smells of the doggy grooming salon!

It’s also of course the best thing for puppy’s coat as it grows into adulthood, to have been groomed properly from an early age.

Just as with nervous dogs, we’ll never rush grooming your pup and will always handle him or her with plenty of TLC.   Of course our regular “health check” will apply as standard and your puppy will have the same friendly dog groomer each and every visit, not somebody who they don’t already know.

Dog Grooming Prices

As our dog grooming services are tailored for each individual dog, we don’t advertise prices on the website but can give you a quote as soon as you’ve contacted us and we’ve chatted about your 4 legged friend!

We believe we offer great, fair, competitive prices every time, guaranteed.  In particular, for the very high standard of service provided, the costs will always be excellent value for money from Vanity Furr. This is just one reason we have customers wanting to use our dog grooming services from all over the Runcorn area, Frodsham, Helsby and even further away.