Clipping Double Coats

Every dog’s hair and coat type is different and this should always be taken in to account when the dog comes into the salon.

Some dogs are clipped, some dogs are scissored, some are hand-stripped and some don’t have any length taken off at all!

It’s important we ensure that  – for the dogs who shouldn’t be clipped –  we try to stay away from any blades and/or cutting tools as this can cause permanent damage to the hair. Breeds such as Husky’s, Malamute’s, St Bernard’s, Newfoundland’s, even Collie’s and Labrador’s are all breeds that shouldn’t really have their hair cut. They are all designed to have a thick, long coat and it’s partly the groomers’ job to keep it in it’s best condition.

coat funk in dog with double coat

“Coat funk” in a dog with double coat

I recently have seen a few dogs with double coats that have previously been clipped but have now got what’s called “coat funk” which is when the hair has not grown back after clipping leaving thin and bald patches all over the dog.

Clipping or cutting the hair shorter will not stop the moulting or shedding that is a perfectly natural process for the coat to go through. What will help reduce the moulting and shedding is simply good brushing and regular visits to the grooming parlour.

Healthy uncut coat which is thick, smooth and a perfect texture for the breed of dog

Healthy uncut coat which is thick, smooth and a perfect texture for the breed of dog

I will always try and do whatever you would like doing with the style of your dog, but It’s also my job to advise you what’s the best for the coat and hair type your dog has.

I do offer a blasting and de-shedding service in between full grooms to keep on top of moulting which many customers have found to be affective.

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Lois Dalton

Lois Dalton

Owner of Vanity Furr, Lois has a diploma in Animal Care & is City & Guilds qualified with distinctions. Following a variety of dog grooming awards, Lois won a scholarship with Aesculap, having been nominated by Groom Team England [Read More...]