Brushing your dog between grooms

Bringing your dog for regular visits to the grooming parlour is essential when it comes to keeping your dogs coat in tip top condition. As it will be thoroughly cleaned, brushed and combed so it’s knot free and any dead or loose hair will be removed. But whether you bring your dog every month or […]

A Christmas Groom for two lovely dogs

Had these two cuties in for a groom before Christmas! Harry the golden retriever had LOTS of dead/loose hair so a big de-shedding session was needed. Little Jenson the Jack Russel had his first groom as he’s only a pup. He was such a good boy and felt so soft when he was done. What […]

Grooming for Winter

Now that winter is well truly upon us it might be worth thinking about your dog’s next hair cut, and whether a longer or shorter trim will be more suitable. For example, after his or her winter walk is your dog bringing in mud, leaves and water on his feet, legs, ears and anywhere that […]

Training Day With Groom Team England!

On Wednesday 20th November I took my 10 month old cocker spaniel puppy on a training day with 2013 Groomer of the Year and Groom Team England member Mike Wildman. I was shown how to perfect my hand-stripping skills, and after a full day of work (and a lot of laughter!) here is the finished […]

Deshedding Porsche, the Siberian Husky

Some dogs  can shed more hair than others, one reason being a double undercoat. For these dogs de-shedding can be a preferred grooming technique with various benefits that leave your pet looking and feeling better. Just look at how the wonderful Siberian Husky Porsche looks after her deshedding session! Get in touch if you have […]

Lois is featured in Total Grooming Magazine!

We are feeling rather proud as the popular magazine “Total Grooming” has written a feature about owner Lois Dalton in which Lois describes her training days with Groom Team England and what the Aesculap scholarship scheme means to her. Total Grooming Magazine is sent to 9,000 Groomers, Grooming salons, tack shops and colleges throughout the […]

Harry – the Golden Retriever – and his First Ever Dog Groom!

Last week Harry had his first grooming experience so we made it extra fun and exciting for him! He loved it so much his tail never stopped wagging the whole time! If your puppy or dog hasn’t been groomed before, or they are nervous of going to a dog groomer for whatever reason, then make […]

Press Release About Our Business and Website Launch!

We have released a press release about our new business and website launch – why not have a look at it. We want to get the message out there that Vanity Furr Dog Grooming is “on the map” and that we are here for dog owners all around Runcorn, Widnes, Helsby, Frodsham, Appleton etc. We’d […]

Our Dog Grooming Website is Officially Launched!

We are delighted to say that this website was officially launched on “Go Live” day – Friday 9th August! We know it’s going to help Vanity Furr Dog Grooming grow as a business and help potential customers to learn more about our grooming services and Lois, the owner. If you like what you see and […]

THAT West Highland Terrier!

On Tuesday 9th July Lois had the pleasure of spending the day with Jitka Krizova. Jitka is a member of Groom Team England, she’s been groomer of the year and is competing in the world championship later this year as well as showing her own dogs. Here is Lois and THAT West Highland Terrier from […]