Brushing your dog between grooms

Bringing your dog for regular visits to the grooming parlour is essential when it comes to keeping your dogs coat in tip top condition. As it will be thoroughly cleaned, brushed and combed so it’s knot free and any dead or loose hair will be removed.

But whether you bring your dog every month or every 2-3 months brushing your dog in-between salon visits is very important, as it prevents any knots and tangles (that can be formed within days after grooms) from becoming “matts” which in some cases if left long enough cannot be brushed out and may require “clipping” off.
Bailey - Newfoundland puppy

I recommend brushing or combing your dog once or twice a week as this keeps the dead/loose hair under control and allows air to circulate through his coat to the skin (keeping it healthy!) allowing the dead hair to come out and let the new hair grow through. You should notice a difference in the amount of hair that scatters around the house too!

Even short coated dogs like Labradors for example need regular brushes especially if you have a Labrador with a thick coat you may feel harder or thicker patches in places but with closer inspection (and a good brush) it may just be dead undercoat that hasn’t been able to come out causing it to “clump” together.

The types of brushes I use in my salon are easy to get hold of and may even be stocked in your local pet supplier. My favourite is the “Slicka” brush, you can use it on nearly all types of coats and it’s brilliant for gripping any tangles and removes them nice and smoothly. It has a square/rectangular head with lots of thin metal pins with a slight bend/hook in them (they come in different strengths/stiffnesses to suit your dogs coat type too) I also wouldn’t be without my comb. Just a plain, straight metal comb is my essential piece in the salon I use it on every dog and guarantees me that all the knots will be removed from the dog.

I understand finding the time to brush your dogs coat can be tricky in-between working, and daily chores but it can only take 5 minutes of your time and is such a great way to bond with your dog and allowing you to notice things that may not of always been there (for example lumps and bumps) its like a mini home health check!

11 week old Puppy 1st groomAs always I’m here to answer any questions and help point you in the right direction when it comes to what brushes suit your dog best, I can show you how to use the brush in the most effective way and brushing in the tricky, more likely to knot places like armpits and under the collar.

Your dog is my priority and keeping him/her happy and comfortable is what I do 🙂 Thanks for reading

Lois x

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Lois Dalton

Lois Dalton

Owner of Vanity Furr, Lois has a diploma in Animal Care & is City & Guilds qualified with distinctions. Following a variety of dog grooming awards, Lois won a scholarship with Aesculap, having been nominated by Groom Team England [Read More...]